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The CryptoEmail platform has a number of unique features.

Learn About The Latest Projects

Crypto Email lets you stay updated with the latest projects, learn about new crypto projects as soon as they are launched.

Get Special Deals

Crypto Email gives you access to special deals, discounts and other promos you won’t find elsewhere.

A Simple Way To Earn Money

The Crypto Email platform is a simple way to earn money, even for users without technical knowledge.

Earn New Tokens

We provide information on new token air drops, free coin promotions and other ways to earn free crypto currency.


Promote Your Crypto Project

Crypto Email is a simple tool that allows you to promote your crypto currency related project to our audience and have them learn about your project.. take action by registering, following you on social media and other tasks to help your project succeed.

Press Release

First, a well written press release for your project will be written.

Email List

Next, your press release is emailed out to our subscribers list.

Social Media

Your press release is now spread across all our social media profiles.

Pay Users To Retweet And Follow

You can pay extra to have our userbase follow you, retweet and other vital tasks.

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